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Words cannot describe how this mentorship changed my life. Julie's love, strength, and knowledge have touched my heart. I am blessed to have met her and found what it feels like to be home.

An investment in myself


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Our basket weaving class was the best day of my life.

Best day of my life


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One of my favourite parts of the mentorship was the beginning share circle. Julie facilitated this in such an intentional and loving way. She always made it very easy for us to feel like we could be vulnerable and open up to one another. I always looked forward to arriving knowing that we would gather around the fire and begin by checking in with one another after a month apart! A second favourite thing was the solo journey time on the land. I found this to be so moving and nourishing. It allowed space for all of the parts of the day leading up to that point to sink in. I felt most receptive in these times of solitude and quiet. I felt that there were established clear and inspiring guidelines for us to feel that we could fall into the land and explore Gaia's depths!

So moving and nourishing


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If you want to learn about plant medicine, this is the course to take. I have learned such a greater understanding and beauty of not only plants but of life itself. Julie's wisdom is such a blessing that I will honour forever. 

Julie's wisdom is such a blessing



My time with Julie at the Gaia Hive was a transformative experience. I had wanted to do the program in 2020 but things didn’t work out, I’m glad I did the program in 2021. It was a time where coming together in sacred circle was as important as ever. I was able to take the plants into my spirit and physical body in a way that helped my chronic stomach issues. I was also able to help my clients as I practice reiki and various forms of energy work. I believe the future is plants and reconnecting with them. The time is now to self govern what we ingest and re-discover how to connect to the land in a sustainable way. Our bodies know best how to heal, as does nature. I also want to say thanks to everyone who made the group special. Peace and love.

I was able to take the plants into my spirit & physical body in a way that helped my chronic stomach issues


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The most incredibly powerful & life changing re-wilding. From beginning to end this mentorship was the most mind-heart-soul expanding experience. Along with the huge bonus of meeting the most BEAUTIFUL heart centred humans to go on this journey with that I now consider great friends. Julie is a wonderful mentor full of truth, song, wisdom, humour, authenticity & joy. I didn’t think my adoration for Mother Gaia could get any deeper but it did & it continues every day. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

The most incredibly powerful & life changing re-wilding


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The part in me that remembers ancient things, that quiet voice that asks when I'll spend more time outside, in the woods, with the things that grow... that part of me is often asked to wait for an imaginary future where I live more in alignment with what feels like my true nature. Joining the Rainbow Spirit apprenticeship was an answer to that voice, a response to a lifelong call to re-wild and tune in to deeper intuitions and a slower communion with nature. Julie's gentle guidance and experiential methods are perfect for this type of heart-based learning. Each month we explored new plant allies and ways to connect in the safe spaces that she creates. These monthly trips to her beautiful paradise to connect with the earth, the group and I enriched my life in ways I could never have anticipated. I have joined this group 3 times and it is my second home.

Enriched my life in ways I could never have anticipated



This course has changed my soul and life forever. It's hard to put these emotions and love into words because it's genuinely something powerful and magical. I've gained a deeper connection with the plants and trees, rocks and people around. The plants have healed my body and spirit and brought down walls to express myself more fully. Being in a community of like-minded people, held in a supportive space by Julie, and connecting with the plants' wisdom has helped me trust myself and my intuition exponentially. It has also helped me become a better yoga teacher, friend, and more. So much love.

This course has changed my soul and life forever



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