The Gaia Hive
Herbalism and Gaian
Nature Connection.
Dundas, Ontario

7 month Folk Herbalism and Gaian Mentorships 2019

Come learn at the Gaia Hive!
 No lectures. Not online!

Come and remember where you came from.
Retune your body with the earth.
~The plants will be your teachers.
Julie will be your herbalism midwife!
~Make your own flower essences,
medicine bundles and ethically harvest plants.
​~Rewild yourself.
~ Learn why you are drawn to certain plants.
...and much more!

FOR YOU? 2019~

~Open to any gender.
~Meet for one Saturday each month for 7 months from April until October 
with like minded people.
~9:30am - 6pm class time.
~Located on 75 acres of Carolinian    Forest near Dundas Ontario.
~ All classes taught by Julie Gaia Feddes.

** This is herbal folk healing and deepens your connection to plants by working directly with them. 
You may use the things you learn for yourself, friends, and family.
No indoor classrooms with bad lighting. No lectures, No online work. All outside! You will be fireside and surrounded by plant teachers each day at the Gaia Hive.  This program  has be created to help you cultivate your intuition in working with plants. You will participate in guided plant journeys and work with plants in spirit realm.​Students are encouraged to do their own home study with books from the reading list. All classes are hands on & heart based learning. Students have time to share their personal experiences and share their heart songs. Please read the schedule below & watch the testimonial videos. See if it resonates with you.
We hope you join the tribe!

  1. May apple harvest
  2. Vertical alignment with mullein
  3. Milkweed flower & wild forest friend tree frog~
  4. Learning about bees
  5. Medicine bundles
  6. Home

"Of all the creatures on the Earth, the plants have remained truest to their original purpose.
They still follow their original instruction from creator." Keewaydinoquay.

Rainbow Serpent
Herbalism & Gaian Nature Mentorship Schedule 2019
Course full for 2019!
Registration for 2020 opens June 21. Next year we will gather one weekend a month for 8 months!
We will incorporate basket weaving & herbs to help all the body systems. 
​Please look at the 2020 link above!

2019 dates
April 27, May 25, June 22, July 20, August 17,
September 14, October 12
Opening circle
Overview of mentorship and questions
Plants for creating sacred space & personal protection
Honey ceremony for our Ancestors
Guided plant journey with Dandelion Root
Willow/red osier dogwood/ cherry bark harvest

Harvesting nettles 
Guided plant journey with Nettle
Communication with stones the bones of the earth
Making tinctures, teas, & decoctions
Create herbal vinegars

Learn how to make flower essences
Communication with flowers
Making herbal smudging bundles
Solstice fire Cacao ceremony

Local river hike & picnic
Water ceremony & plant limpias

Connection to the soil & forest "floor"
Make cypress infused oil
Hawthorn meditation
Forest bathing time

White pine needle harvest
Guided plant journey with Red Oak
Ancestor walk
Star beings alive in plants

Altar making/Conscious connection to the elements
Guided plant journey with Willow
Digging up the honey ceremony
Graduation fire & group gifting

Registration for 2020 opens June 21st, 2019.
Please use the contact me link after that date
and I will send you registration information.

After registration: Once a deposit is recieved you will recieve
a welcome letter & winter reading booklist to help you prepare
for the classes.

DONATE to the Gaia Hive to help others who may not be able
to pay the full price. Please inquire.

If you are coming from Toronto: Carpooling may be available
from the Aldershot go-station in Burlington.
This mentorship environment is open to all genders. It is a safe place
for LGBTQIA folks. We will work together to co-create a loving and
healing space for everyone. Plants are amazing non-binary teachers.

The learning area is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
If you can walk 300 metres from the car to the gardens you are good to go!
Almost all of your time will be spent outdoors.
If it is perpetually raining shelter is available.
Mosquitoes, deer flies, ticks, & wasps are present.
These insects are our teachers.
May Gaia bless them and teach us how to love them~
Lunches are potluck.
The set-up is rustic. We will be walking on uneven terrain.
You need to have your own transportation and
be willing to partipate rain or shine. 

"I believe that we will see a lot of destruction, but I believe that if we can see the right patterns and draw the right lessons from that destruction, we might be able to rebuild before it's too late. And then I have that ultimate optimism that even if we can't, life will rebuild itself. In a way, the global economy might collapse, but Gaia won't, and people's ingenuity won't. We will rebuild society, we will rebuild local economies, we will rebuild human aspirations." Vandana Shiva

Treating all life as sacred, we honour our place as stewards of the earth, 
listening to all voices, not just our own. 

Taking the herbalism and gaian mentorship was a spiritually nourishing experience. I made connections with plants that truly brought healing and insight into my life. During this course I was often awe-struck by the knowledge and self-growth that happened with the support of plant spirits and I walked away from each day feeling like I had connected with the divine. Julie is an incredible teacher whose own journey with plant spirit medicine is inspirational and she was able to facilitate our group to connect in powerful ways with the land, our ancestors and the plants. If you are ready to take your love for the earth to the next level, this is the course for you! Rosemary~

The part in me that remembers ancient things, that quiet voice that asks when I'll spend more time outside, in the woods, with the things that grow... that part of me is often asked to wait for an imaginary future where I live more in alignment with what feels like my true nature. 
Joining the Rainbow Spirit apprenticeship was an answer to that voice, a response to a lifelong call to re-wild and tune in to deeper intuitions and a slower communion with nature. 
Julie's gentle guidance and experiential methods are perfect for this type of heart-based learning. Each month we explored new plant allies and ways to connect in the safe spaces that she creates. These monthly trips to her beautiful paradise to connect with the earth, the group and myself enriched my life in ways I could never have anticipated. Rebecca~

One of my favourite parts of the mentorship was the beginning share circle. Julie facilitated this in such an intentional and loving way. She always made it very easy for us to feel like we could be vulnerable and open up to one another. I always looked forward to arriving knowing that we would gather around the fire and begin by checking in with one another after a month apart! A second favourite thing was the solo journey time on the land. I found this to be so moving and nourishing. It allowed space for all of the parts of the day leading up to that point to sink in. I felt most receptive in these times of solitude and quiet. I felt that there were established clear and inspiring guidelines for us to feel that we could fall into the land and explore Gaia's depths! Brooke~

One of my favorite parts was the Lympia and creating the flower essence! Cleaning my energetic body has been a focus for me so the lympia was great and I really appreciated working with a flower essence. 
I enjoyed the opening circles, cacao ceremony, medicine bundling, and songs that we would sing! Shireen~

Video testimonials below!