The Gaia Hive
Herbalism and Gaian
Nature Connection.
Dundas, Ontario

~ Flowering Spirit ~
7 Week Series

You will choose one local edible plant to journey with.
By journey we mean: travel / sleep / dream with / ingest in safe way
(depending on the plant) / admire / connect with.
Plants enjoy being your friends. We can learn limitless things from each other.

Come spend 7 weeks with one specific plant and they will open you up physically,
emotionally, and spiritually. They become new friends!
  The plants retune our brains to receive new energetic frequencies

and unite us with the whole cosmic plant universe.
Their vibration can assist us in changing our cell structure.
This enables us to fill ourselves with their light, love, and energy.
What an incredible gift! Come join us!

​​Which plant has been calling your name lately?
Are you drawn to a certain plant?
Do you dream about a specific plant?
Do you want to know more about a plant that lives near you
or one from your childhood?

Meet one Monday night a week for 7 weeks.
-Each week we will dive into an element
and how it is woven into our lives.
-Get to know a plant as a new beloved friend.
-Do 8 weeks of a cleansing diet to tune into your
chosen plant's energy & spirit.
-Meet local plant loving people.


~7 week series​ description~

Each evening will contain:
-sharing circle about plant experiences
​-guided group activity
-teaching of one direction
-fireside indoors or outdoors

The Eastern direction - New beginnings
The southern direction - Passion of our lives 

The Western direction - Reflection of emotion
The Northern direction - Ancestors
The Etheric realm / sky - Star beings
The Earth - Abundance 
The Heart Centre - Expansion

~How it works/the flow~
Choose a plant to work with and have a 1/2 hour phone conversation to answer any questions.
Begin a cleansing diet one week or a couple days before we start meeting. 

What is a cleansing diet and why do we do this?
A cleansing diet clears your body of heavier/stimulating foods and simplifies your digestion.
When your body is clear of heavy and stimulating foods it becomes more receptive to the plant energy you will be working with.
Your dreams may become clearer and your energy becomes lighter.

What food/substances do we eliminate?
Alcohol, tobacco, recreational marijuana, processed sugars, candy, packaged foods, colas, coffee, dairy, fermented foods, all meats, processed grain products, garlic, excessive salt, strong spices, and any other processed or stimulating foods.

What can we eat?
Whole foods are the way! Fruit (fresh and frozen), all vegetables, brown and wild rice, quinoa, unsalted seeds of all kinds, nuts, eggs, water, salads, smoothies, avocados, nut butters, healthy oils, wild fish, minimal salt, honey, maple, herbal teas, and any other unprocessed whole food. Make a list of all the foods you love and can eat! It is limitless now-a-days with the abundance of food in Southern Ontario.

Do we have to do all 7 evenings?
Yes it is recommended to do all 7. Missing a maximum of 2 weeks is okay. It will be closed group in order to maintain a sacred container for the participants.


This apprenticeship environment is open to all genders. It is a safe place
for LGBTQIA folks. We will work together to co-create a loving and
healing space for everyone. Plants are amazing non-binary teachers.

Where: Private home near Dundas Ontario
Dates:  September/October sessions are full. Upcoming dates will be posted in November.
Each Monday we will meet from 6-9pm.
Cost: $450/550 sliding scale. This allow folks with a lower income to participate. 

You need you own transportation to join us. Carpooling may be available.
There are 3 cats. 
The learning area is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
Our sessions will take place fireside. Indoors or outdoors; weather permitting.