The Gaia Hive
Herbalism and Gaian
Nature Connection.
Dundas, Ontario

Julie Gaia lives and thrives in the Carolinian forest of 
Southern Ontario.She lives by example and
loves helping clients & students connect
with their wild roots and innate nature.

 Julie is passionate about Basket Weaving,
Plant Spirit Healing, Intuitive Herbalism,
and Gaian Nature Mentorship. 
All classes are hands-on and heart based.

 She embodies living your dreams, creating a rainbow
bridge with your ancestors, loving your body, and
deepening your connection with the plant world.
Julie is a mother, dancer, star seed, animist, dream interpreter,
beekeeper, and tends an acre of permaculture style gardens.
She is deeply grounded, intuitive, and energetic; being born
and raised on the fertile land she presently dwells on. Her
roots are Germanic and Scandinavian. She connects deeply to
the Ancestors of the land she lives with.

She is an avid traveler and enjoys connecting
with plants allies around the world. Six months on the big
island of Hawaii, several winters in central America, and
time in Germanic lands have helped ignite her passion
for plants and practicing ancestral ways.

Education & Teachers

~Gaia.- Mother Earth. 

~UFSOL - The Universal free school of life

~Coyote Adult Mentorship 
Guelph Outdoor School- Present

~Be Nadine, Guelph, Ontario-2018- Present

~Pulse Diagnosis/ Francis Bonaldo,Ontario- 2019

~ BasketWeaving at Lakeside Willows
Lene Rasmussen, Port Colbourne 2018

~Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship/
Paramahansa Yogananda centre
 Pam Montgomery of the Sweet water Sanctuary,California 2016.

~Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship/
 Gaia School of Healing/Sage Maurer,Vermont 2015

​~ Basket Weaving with Sheri Fleischauer,Ontario 2013

~Adventure Naturalist Program, Algonquin College, 
Pembroke,Ontario 2005

~Reiki training, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2004

"I feel grateful beyond measure to share my love of this land with you. The plants communicate with me each evening in my dreams.This spring the golden birch trees came and showed me a story of a healing partnership. Where the yin and yang create a healing practice together. A space of balance where we support eachother and help others heal.

I send gratitude and thanks to my family for their unconditional love and support.
My heart overflows with respect for my ancestors & the ancestors of this land.
Whenever I need clarity  & strength in my life
I take some time to be still and rest in the forest. 
Here is a song I wrote fireside during the winter of 2019 to honour
the ancestors from the past and for the future generations.
It is for the furred, winged, two legged, finned, stone and tree people.
Feel free to sing this song and make up your tune or rythym." Love, Julie Gaia

As we gather on this land
Grounding down
Honing in
I open my hands (2x)

This is a safe space
This a sacred place

May all I do honour you
May all I do honour you