The Gaia Hive
Herbalism and Gaian
Nature Connection.
Dundas, Ontario

 One day Herbalism & Nature Mentorship Retreats

Retreats are open to all genders. It is a safe place for LGBTQIA folks. We will work together to co-create a loving and healing space for everyone. Plants are amazing non-binary teachers.

The learning area is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
If you can walk 300 metres from the car to the gardens you are
good to go!
Almost all of your time will be spent outdoors.
If it is perpetually raining
shelter is available.
Mosquitoes, deer flies, ticks, & wasps are present.
These insects are our teachers.
May Gaia bless them and teach us how to love them~
The set-up is rustic. We will be walking on uneven terrain.
You need to have your own transportation and
be willing to participate rain or shine. 
I am looking forward to
have you join us! 

​​These one day retreats are a taste of the 8 month
Folk Herbalism & Gaian Mentorships.
Check out my new 2020 link above!
You will have the opportunity to:
*Experience a guided Plant Spirit Journey with a local plant
*Make & take home a local seasonal Herbal Medicine
*Have time to experience forest bathing in a private Carolinian forest
* Recharge, Rewild, Refresh
* Experience a whole afternoon for you.

Dates for 2019:
Sunday June 9th from 1-5:30pm
Sunday July 7th from 1-5:30pm

Cost: $125 per day or both for $200.
Maximum 8 people per day.


You may use the things you learn for yourself, friends, and family.
No indoor classrooms with bad lighting. No lectures, No online work. All outside! You will be fireside and surrounded by plant teachers each day at the Gaia Hive.  These retreats have been created for you to cultivate your intuition while working with plants. You will participate in guided plant journeys and work with plants in spirit realm. All retreats are hands on & heart based learning. Participants have time to share their personal experiences and share their heart songs.

Folk herbalism and plant spirit journeying

  We were all indigenous at one time. We come from Gaia (mother earth) based cultures. I have Scandinavian and Germanic ancestors. I have lived on colonized land here in Ontario where I presently dwell for my whole life.  When I spend time sitting with a tree or plant and breathing gently with it… I remember… I remember that I have done this before. I remember that is what we all did long ago. No matter where we came from there is this thread of magical mycelium that unites us all with ancient remembering in our dna. Long ago we believed in animism and that everything had a spirit. We grew up keeping our waters clean. We had yearly & monthly rituals and traditions.  Before using the conventional medicine we have today people used plants to heal amongst many other things. Traditional folk medicine was part of each culture passed on down through the generations.

In the area where I live herbalism is occasionally used. It is not funded by our government and many people rely on conventional medicine as a first choice. Why? Is it really “free”? What cost does it have on our bodies, minds, and spirits? What does it cost the earth? For example:Where do birth control hormones go once you pee them out? I truly believe there is a space for emergency & conventional medicine.  I do know that once anybody makes a conscious choice to tap out of conventional culture and slow down their life, minimize their screen time, and spend the majority of time in nature they will wake up. They will remember that plants can heal them… true healing is not a quick fix. Healing does not mean that your issues will dissolve magically. Our bodies are not meant to live forever. Why is our culture obsessed with youth, perfect teeth, and living as long as possible? Are we afraid of death? When you live with the land you see death every day… The wood I burn to heat my home is mostly ash from the dying trees. The herbs I store in jars died to nourish me. The cats catch mice and crunch their bones… The coyotes howl each night in the song of their kill. We cannot have life without death. I could write books about the constant natural cycles around me.

  Why work with the plants that live around us?  Local plants are accessible, affordable, and much more wholesome for the body than any drugs I can think of. Plants are our teachers. When we have a dis-ease or misalignment within our bodies the majority of conventional medicine covers up the symptoms. Plants treat the whole person. When we work with plants on a spiritual level we can access their spirits and have healing on emotional levels. I love working with plants on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. When we learn to make plant medicines with specific intentions for a certain person the medicine is more potent. One size does not fit all. Each plant can work with each person in their own unique way.

  What does journeying with a plant mean? In the mentorship courses at the Gaia Hive I believe it is essential for each person to connect with single plants (one plant at a time) in a group setting. I make large pots of tea and make light infusions of single plants that live here on this land. We gather together in a circle & I rattle, sing, and will lead you on a guided journey to meet the spirit of the plant.  I am channel for the plants to come through. The plants have been waiting their whole lives for us to start communicating with them. They have so much to tell us in the form of visions, memories, and scents, sensations in our bodies, pictures, and poems. Every person feels and communicates with plants in their own unique way.
I often lead mystery plant journeys where no one knows which plant I am choosing. After the journey they are all able to express the plant and it's uses in so many multidimensional levels. I did a mystery guided journey with nettle last year and after the journey one man said " I was back in the Netherlands and in my back yard as a child and I was getting stung by these plants... green ones and they sting you.. I don't know the word in English!!!" I told him after everyone shared the tea he drank was nettle. He had never ingested the plant before!!  They speak to us without words or books. Plants have a cosmic sense of time. They have nourished my life beyond measure and I know they will do the same for you~